VIVIAN: I love…also one of my favorite tracks on the record is the first one, "I Won't Blame You".
CHAN: Thank you. Really? Thank you. That's um…I want that to be the single.
CHAN: Yeah.
VIVIAN: So of course I'll be asking you a-
CHAN: Personal question.
VIVIAN: -who who-
CHAN: Who do you think it is?
VIVIAN: -a musician, but I don't know.
CHAN: You'll have to take a guess. I want everybody to guess because there are so many of them. Anybody. Could be you. (laughs)
VIVIAN: (laughs) I'm not a guitarist but um-
CHAN: Ok maybe not you.
VIVIAN: Maybe it could be uh…maybe Kurt Cobain, uh-
CHAN: -Could be anybody!
VIVIAN: Could be…(laughs)…you won't tell.
CHAN: I don't think I'm going to…I've only told one person so I think I'm going to keep it a secret.
VIVIAN: So…it could be you also-
CHAN: That what's the person who I told who it was, told me. That they couldn't believe it because they thought it was me…and then I saw it in a whole different way! (chuckles) and I was like "No no no no no", so…
VIVIAN: But it could be…
CHAN: Hmm? I don't think that's it. But, never mind. It could be anybody. There's a lot of 'em.
VIVIAN: Yeah it could be a lot of people. But I like the lyrics-
CHAN: Thank you.
VIVIAN: -it means a lot of respect for the artist in question. I mean…what's my position? I mean, you have to uh…
CHAN: Wonder…
VIVIAN: Not wonder. But uh you have to respect the-
CHAN: The problem. (laughs)
VIVIAN: The problem or maybe the artist because you know the artist of course is a human being. Always when I see bands playing…when they have to play their radio-friendly song. Some bands they don't want to play it but sometimes they have to but you know-
CHAN: They don't have to. (laughs)
VIVIAN: For instance about you…People want to see you. Want you to play a stereotypical rock concert, you know?-
CHAN: It's all these projections that are almost-
VIVIAN: -and I'm glad you don't do a stereotypical concert.
CHAN: (whispers) Thank you. I've been told that I need to. But I think that I am in a way. I think we're all doing what we do and nothing's right or wrong. Unless it's really wrong or really right. Extremes.
VIVIAN: I mean you have to stay yourself.
CHAN: (whispers) There's too many extremes to be…there's never, yeah…there's too much there's too much…that lamp is so beautiful, I just realized. Good thing it had a label or I wouldn't know what it was.
VIVIAN: Oh it's just-
CHAN: Lamp.
VIVIAN: Lamp yeah…it's a good name for a lamp.
CHAN: What is that? Oh it's a lamp. Ok (laughs).
VIVIAN: It's a good name for a lamp, no?
CHAN: Yeah…Lamp. That's a great idea.

cat power itw part4