In the list of great less known 80's bands , and they're many, The Durutti Column is one of the first thanks to beautiful albums, most of them from 1979 to 1986, you know the kind of records you cherish and will never sell, like LC. Behind this tribute to the spanish anarchist hides one of the key member of the Mancunian label Factory records : Vini Reilly. A secret man, it was only with his collaboration with Morrissey on Viva Hate that he came under the public's eye.
In 1991, he gave one of his rare concert in Paris at l'Européen when he released his "acid" album : the ironical Obey The Times. The morning after, i met him in his hotel room with his favourite drummer by his side, Bruce Mitchell. Vini was lying on his bed, i was sitting down on the carpet floor, & was quite impressed by the meeting at the point i lost several times my english. As it was my 2° or 3° interview please be kind.
Well whatever, i chose to put this interview online because Vini Reilly doesn't express himself often that makes this audio testimony exceptionnal. The last album by Durutti Column was released in 2002 and is named Rebellion. This is the questions i asked during this interview :
1- is it a problem being onstage for you?
2- when people find your music sad, what do you think ?
3- do you fell close to bands like Ride or Slowdive ? (we were in the middle of that Shoegazer thing)
4- Obey the Times is mroe coherent than your previous record
5- as it's your second instrumental album, do you still hate your voice ?
6- the use of sampling voices on Vini Reilly the album
7- the beyboards as important as your guitar
8- which comes first when you're composing ?
9- are you inspired by books (graham greene) or movies (messidor) ?
10- do you have an particular ambition ?

the durutti column