I have received by mail a demo tape without any text, any biography, nothing but an e-mail adress.
These instrumentals songs have thrilled me so much that i asked them to record a radio session.
it occurred on 2001 June 8th when the key two members of Natural Snow Buildings had decided to show a new side to their music focusing on wistful ballads. As you have no clue what their music is about, i can try to tease you to listen to a budding band, yet so promising.
So, what do you think of a duet cello / guitar with a guy singing ?
Could you imagine a meeting between Smog & A Silver Mt Zion ?
Of course, the music of Natural Snow Buildings is much more personnal. So here they are. You don't meet a band like these every day. So, don't pass them by !
This is the list of the songs they played :
Dreadful Ghost, Devil's Candle, Carrying Away Your Ghost,
Guns & Rifles, Bloody Snow, Lost Highway (Hank Williams cover)

natural snow buildings